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We carry all the accessories you need for your Wood Stove, Boilers, Gas Fireplaces, Woodstoves, Gas Stoves, Coal Stoves, Corn Stoves, Pellet Stoves, Tile Stoves, Furnaces, Ovens, Dust Collectors, Pollution Control Equipment, Low Pressure Castings, Kiln Seals and Fireproof Enclosures, Cabinets, Safes, and Vaults.


Service rating to 1000°F/ 538°C. Flexible for installation around tight corners and friction fit "U" channels. These ropes are easily bondable with FYRE-GARD adhesive or optional FYRE-GARD pressure sensitive tape. Fiberglass is a cost effective thermal protection resistant to most chemicals (pH range 4-9) with the exception of Hydrofluoric and Hot Phosphoric Acid and wet Hydrogen Chloride. fiberglass will not burn or smolder and is highly resistant to shrinking and swelling. Fiberglass also has high tensile strength at elevated temperatures while remaining flexible.



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